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Historical Photos

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Ed and Mae Ciechanski at home, Soldotna 1998
ID: 968
Ken Coursen home site, Cooper Landing 1950's
ID: 969
Isabel & Chuck Heckle home, Kalifornsky Beach Road 1949
ID: 970
Early Kasilof School, 1950
ID: 971
Downtown Kenai, 1968
ID: 972
Oil tanks in Nikiski, 1960
ID: 974
Loading dock at end of Monford's Road, Nikiski 1960
ID: 975
Joyce, Sky, and Dawn Carver in Progress Days Parade float, Soldotna 1966
ID: 976
Mary Alice Grainge on a Progress Days Parade float with girl scouts in view, Soldotna 1960
ID: 977
"Moose River Bar" and "closed for winter signs", Sterling 1960's
ID: 978
Principal Fritz Hall of Sterling Elementary School, Sterling late 1960's
ID: 979
Naptowne postmaster-American Legion Commander George Petrovich, Sterling 1963
ID: 980
Senator Bartlett, Senator B. Jordan & Senator Ernest Greuning participating in federal legislation efforts to help farmers, Washington D.C.
ID: 981
Kenai Central High School class photo of 1959-1960, Kenai 1960
ID: 982
Crowded bleachers at the Soldotna Rodea Grounds, Soldotna late 1960's
ID: 983
Riders queuing up for events at the Soldotna Rodeo Grounds, Soldotna late 1960's
ID: 984
A rider getting bucked off a horse, Soldotna 1960's
ID: 985
A rider on the ground, Soldotna 1960's
ID: 986
A rider on a calf, Soldotna 1960's
ID: 987
Laurie Lancashire, Karen Lee, and Jocele Faa on a sled in front of one of the Faa family's buildings, Soldotna 1951
ID: 988
Second Kenai River bridge, Soldotna, Alaska
ID: 989
Bureau of Public Works (shop & hdqtrs BPR)
ID: 990
At the Y in Soldotna
ID: 991
At the Y in Soldotna, 1968
ID: 992
At the Y in Soldotna, 1968
ID: 993
Village Inn Motel, Soldotna 1968
ID: 994
At the Y in Soldotna, 1968
ID: 995
Gibbs Apparel Store at the Y in Soldotna, 1968
ID: 996
Mile .3 Kenai Spur Road, Soldotna 1968
ID: 997
Mile .5 Kenai Spur Road, Soldotna 1968
ID: 998
Dedication of first bridge over Kenai River, Soldotna 1950's-1960's
ID: 999
Aerial view of Kenai runway, 1960's
ID: 1001
Early cannery, Kasilof 1900's-1930's
ID: 1002
Cabin at Tustumena lake near Kasilof, early 1900's
ID: 1003
Group photo of families identified by Nick Leman, Ninilchik 1900
ID: 1004
Group photo of teacher and 23 Native Alaskan orphans in front of a building, Tyonek 1927
ID: 1005
Chief Affanaska in regalia, Sunrise 1900-1906
ID: 1006
Olga Sunrise Jolen, Alexandra Chickalusian, and Mary Nissen, Kenai Peninsula 1930
ID: 1007
Image Not Available
ID: 1008
Kenai Lake, Kenai Mountains 1991
ID: 1009
Kenai Lake in winter, Kenai Mountains 1990's
ID: 1010
Watchman house graffiti, late 1980's
ID: 1011

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