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University of Alaska Anchorage

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Employee Directory

Full-time faculty

Name Title
Cam Choy Associate Professor of Art
Robin Dahlman Assistant Professor of Education and Early Childhood Education
Thomas Dalrymple Associate Professor of Accounting
Scott Downing Associate Professor of English
Adam Dunstan Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Michelle Fellows Associate Professor of Psychology
Jane Fuerstenau Professor of Library & Information Science
Henry Haney Associate Professor of Process Technology
Bill Howell Assistant Professor of Process Technology
Jacob Keisling Assistant Professor of Welding Technology
Bettina Kipp Lavea Professor of Counseling
Clair Kochis Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Richard Kochis Assistant Professor of Electronics Technology
Jeffrey Laube Associate Professor of Process Technology
Toby Long Associate Professor of Chemistry
Anastasia Monyahan UAA/KPC Assistant Professor of Nursing
Paul Perry Assistant Professor of Paramedic Technology
Sassa Peterson Adjunct Yup'ik Language Instructor
Cheryl Siemers Assistant Director for Academic Affairs
Chris Stuive Associate Professor of Counseling
Andreas Veh Associate Professor of Physics/Mathematics
Rebecca Weaver Assistant Professor of Mathematics
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