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Historical Photos

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Cook Inlet View from Kalifornsky Beach, Soldotna 1966
ID: 127
Alaska State Championship sled dog races, Soldotna 1964
ID: 128
Alaska State Championship sled dog races, Soldotna 1964
ID: 129
Alaska State Champion sled dog races, Soldotna 1974
ID: 130
Image Not Available
ID: 131
Little League Baseball, Parker's Field, Soldotna early 1960's
ID: 132
First Methodist church, Kenai Spur Highway 1952
ID: 133
Longmere Lake, Sterling late 1950's
ID: 134
Rhoda Sandstrom's 9th birthday, Soldotna 1952
ID: 135
Children at play in Farnsworth yard, Soldotna early 1960's
ID: 136
4-H award ceremony, Soldotna 1950's
ID: 137
Ski Hill, Soldotna 1961
ID: 138
Billy Stock and Billy Bear with sled, Soldotna 1955
ID: 139
Winter scene of Billy Stock playing, Soldotna 1955
ID: 140
Kathy Reger and the "Orange Crate" school bus, Soldotna 1952
ID: 141
Martha, Abby, and Laurie Lancashire, Soldotna 1953
ID: 142
Laurie, Martha, and Abby Lancashire and Lancashire cabin, Soldotna 1953
ID: 143
Fourth Avenue, Anchorage 1950
ID: 144
Visitors to the Little Dipper Inn, Girdwood 1950
ID: 145
Van Gilder Hotel, Seward 1950
ID: 146
Aerial view of Seward, 1950
ID: 147
Image Not Available
ID: 148
Sterling Highway (original) Rock Camp Hill, Skilak Lake Area, 1950
ID: 149
Cooper Landing bridge earthquake damage, Cooper Landing 1964
ID: 150
Aerial of Kenai, Alaska early 1950's
ID: 151
Image Not Available
ID: 152
Rusty Lancashire, Kenai Commercial store, Kenai early 1950's
ID: 153
Image Not Available
ID: 154
Kenai Territorial School, Kenai 1950's
ID: 155
Dubendorf family and home, Soldotna 1953
ID: 156
Ralph & Ruth Soberg and home, Soldotna 1954
ID: 157
Karsten family, Soldotna 1953
ID: 158
Betty Karsten cutting moose meat in garage, Soldotna 1950's
ID: 159
Tachick family, Soldotna 1953
ID: 160
Ames family, Soldotna 1953
ID: 161
Art Frisbie & Ray Sandstrom, Soldotna 1954
ID: 162
Robert J. Mackey and Chell Bear ice fishing at the Mackey cabin, Soldotna 1955
ID: 163
Abby and Martha Lancashire and Lancashire cabin, Soldotna 1950's
ID: 164
Rusty Lancashire in her cabin kitchen, Soldotna 1956
ID: 165
Sears Roebuck sawmill
ID: 166
Vern Coumbe and Marcus Bodnar's homestead cabin, Soldotna 1950
ID: 167
Marcus Bodnar's homestead cabin, Soldotna 1950
ID: 168

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