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Historical Photos

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Fur Rendezvous, Anchorage 1965
ID: 43
Will Troyer, Tustumena Lake 1968
ID: 44
Marge Mullen, Jim Fisher, and Calvin Fair at Emma Lake 1968
ID: 45
Marge Mullen, Jim Fisher, and Calvin Fair at Emma Lake 1968
ID: 46
Hikers overlooking Indian Creek Valley, Tustumena Lake 1968
ID: 47
Marge Mullen, Jim Fisher, and Calvin Fair, Indian Creek Valley 1968
ID: 48
Lawrence McGuire's cabin, Soldotna 1951
ID: 49
Lawrence McGuire's cabin, Soldotna 1951
ID: 50
Peggy and Eileen Mullen in front of Alex Bodnar's cabin, Soldotna 1951
ID: 51
Howard J. Binkley's cabin, Soldotna, 1954
ID: 52
Mullen family, Soldotna 1953
ID: 53
Mullen family cabin, Soldotna 1954
ID: 54
Dolly Farnsworth and Farnsworth cabin, Soldotna 1948
ID: 55
Jack Farnsworth and Farnsworth cabin, Soldotna 1948
ID: 56
Howard Lee homestead cabin, Soldotna 1950
ID: 57
Winter view of south side of Howard Lee's cabin, Soldotna 1950
ID: 58
Moose among the trees in winter, Soldotna 1950
ID: 59
Dick Gerhart homestead cabin, Soldotna 1949
ID: 60
Dick Gerhart with big earth mover, Soldotna 1949
ID: 61
Dick Gerhart's vehicle in front of his cabin, Soldotna 1950
ID: 62
Frances Mynarcik and Linda Farnsworth in front of Jack Irons' cabin, Soldotna 1949
ID: 63
Larry and Rusty (Lorraine) Lancashire and their cabin, Soldotna 1950
ID: 64
Ray & Ruth Sandstrom home, Soldotna 1953
ID: 65
Sandstrom family, Soldotna 1953
ID: 66
Russ Bagley, Dale Doner, Dale Rorrison, Paul Tachick, Bill Stock, Jake Dubendorf and Marion Hergatt at the Alaska Road Commission Shop, Kenai 1953
ID: 67
Paul & Jane Nestor family, Soldotna 1953
ID: 68
Wilson's grocery store, Soldotna 1952
ID: 69
Aerial view of Soldotna, 1964
ID: 70
Kids biking in Progress Days Parade, Soldotna 1965
ID: 71
Calvin Fair's trailer, Carver's Trailer Court, Soldotna 1960
ID: 72
Image Not Available
ID: 73
Bear Den Bar, Soldotna mid 1960's
ID: 74
Bear Den Bar, Soldotna mid 1960's
ID: 75
Bear Den Bar, Soldotna mid 1960's
ID: 76
Sky Bowl building, Soldotna 1959
ID: 77
Soldotna Tourist Center, Soldotna 1961
ID: 78
Image Not Available
ID: 79
Warehouse, Soldotna 1965
ID: 80
Early development of the Sterling Highway, Soldotna mid 1960's
ID: 81
Driveway of Riverside Restaurant and Hotel, Soldotna mid 1960's
ID: 82
Al Hershberger's Radio and TV Shop, Soldotna mid 1960's
ID: 83
Birch Lane Apartments, Soldotna mid 1960s
ID: 84

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